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1 ch 48V phant supp (AC adapter incl.)
12 input/ 48 output active microphone splitter
4 Channel DI Box/Line Mixer
4 channel DI Box Master Volume control 4 channel Mixer Stereo Line Out Each input has a Bala..
8 Channel active DI Box with integrated Line Mixer
8 channel DI Box Master Volume control 8 channel Mixer Headphone amplifier Stereo Line Out ..
Ac Amp Modeler/Direct Recording Preamp/DIBox
Active 4-ch Class A analogue 360 deg phase control
The PhazerBank provides a convenient rack-mountable solution that is ideal for the live engineer. Th..
Active 48-Volt phantom powered DI
The Radial J48 is a great sounding active direct box that has been optimized to produce maximum head..
Active class-A guitar distro system, 2-in, 7out
Active class-A Hi voltage rail DI
Time align two signals for fat rich tones Single dial control gets you there fast Can be used wit..
Active DI Box
Active DI Box
Level and impedance matching function Output impedance: > 600 Ohms Signal pass through connector..
Active DI box - Battery & Phantom Power
All active transformerless design, Input impedance of 1Mohm n Line level output +10dBm, Accepts 300 ..
Active Di box - line balancer including Phantom an
AR-133 has been designed to be more affordable for musicians, studios and PA companies, the unit inc..
Active re-amping kit including J48/X-Amp/PSU+ case
ADI-100 Active high quality Direct injection box.
ADI-100 Active high quality Direct injection box...
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