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10 Input, 4 Output Analogue Preset Mixer
The RB-PMX4 is a high performance 10 mono input to 4 mono output preset mixer. Each of the four outp..
10 Wave Wood Panels - WHITE
10 Wave Wood Panels BLACK
10 Way Stereo Analogue Source Selector/Mixer
The RB-SS10 10 Way Stereo Analogue Source Selector/Mixer is a 1U rack-mount unit that produces a ste..
10 Way Stereo Digital Source Selector
The RB-DSS10 Digital Source Selector is a 1U rack-mount which produces an AES/EBU and S/PDIF level d..
1U front panel rackmount kit for small eg RBBL2
1U front panel rackmount kit for small eg RBDA6
1U front panel rackmount kit for small Redbox
2 Channel Tube Preamp/Di Box
2 XLR and TRS - 2 High Z inputs (TRS) -Hand tested 21AT series tube -CLASS A Transformless high volt..
2x8ch. Input to 8 out manual or automatic switcher
3 Way Light/Power Controller
The RB-LC3 is a triple output switching unit for controlling external mains indicators, primarily st..
4 Channel Headphone Amp
2 Stereo TRS inputs 4 headphone amplifiers Volume control per channel Selector switch for each..
4 Channel Microphone Preamp
4 XLR inputs Gain control per channel Peak Light indicator per channel Phantom On/Off per chan..
4 Input, 4 x 5 Output Distribution Amplifier/Mixer
The RB-DA4x5 is a 1U rack-mount combined distribution amplifier and mixer. It has 4 mono analogue au..
6 Way AES/EBU Digital Distribution Amplifier
The RB-DDA6A digital distribution amplifier is used for distributing digital audio data in AES/EBU f..
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